An Introduction

An Evangelical Manifesto is an open declaration of who Evangelicals are and what they stand for. It has been drafted and published by a representative group of Evangelical leaders who do not claim to speak for all Evangelicals, but who invite all other Evangelicals to stand with them and help clarify what Evangelical means in light of “confusions within and the consternation without” the movement. As the Manifesto states, the signers are not out to attack or exclude anyone, but to rally and to call for reform.

As an open declaration, An Evangelical Manifesto addresses not only Evangelicals and other Christians but other American citizens and people of all other faiths in America, including those who say they have no faith. It therefore stands as an example of how different faith communities may address each other in public life, without any compromise of their own faith but with a clear commitment to the common good of the societies in which we all live together.

For those who are Evangelicals, the deepest purpose of the Manifesto is a serious call to reform—an urgent challenge to reaffirm Evangelical identity, to reform Evangelical behavior, to reposition Evangelicals in public life, and so rededicate ourselves to the high calling of being Evangelical followers of Jesus Christ.

Update March 2009 “Some of the most heartening responses to An Evangelical Manifesto have come from fellow-Evangelicals in other countries around the world. One Christian from the Middle East wrote, ‘If all American Evangelicals were known for these affirmations, it wouldn’t be so embarrassing and costly to identify with them from here.’ Go the the The Manifesto Page to view a new German translation of An Evangelical Manifesto.”

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Evangelical Manifesto

Steering Committee

Timothy George
Dean, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

Os Guinness
Author/Social Critic

John Huffman
Pastor, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach, CA
Chair, Christianity Today International

Rich Mouw
President, Fuller Theological Seminary

Jesse Miranda
Founder & Director, Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership, Vanguard University

David Neff
Vice President and Editor in Chief, Christianity Today Media Group

Richard Ohman

Larry Ross
President, A. Larry Ross Communications

Dallas Willard
Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California

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