At SFAI, sculpture is conceived as a process through which artists probe diverse questions in three-dimensional, and sometimes four-dimensional, form.

Working in ceramics, wood, metal, plaster, textiles, and new materials, students merge the conceptual with the material not only in objects, but also in installation, site-specific works, environmental public artworks, and social practices. Students are also encouraged to integrate video, sound, and electronics into their work, and to work with found objects.

The Sculpture curriculum introduces students to various materials used to produce three-dimensional forms, while also emphasizing drawing skills, and a knowledge of the historical context for contemporary sculpture practice. Coursework emphasizes three areas—3D Materials and Practices, Kinetics, and Environments and Systems.  


Artist Shae Rocco (BFA, 2016) reflects on her material practice and why she came to SFAI to “stretch her imagination.”



Maria Elena González
Associate Professor; Sculpture/Ceramics Department Chair
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Photo of Maria Elena González