Student Organizations

Listen to live music, host a radio show, go to an exhibition, attend a lecture, join a band, or set up your own club. 

Student clubs and organizations at SFAI run the gamut from intellectual endeavors to social activities. If you don’t see a club or organization that interests you, form your own—the registration process is easy

The following organizations are now active for the 2021-2022 academic year. These groups contribute to the SFAI campus life through their activities, events, and programs. If you wish to be involved with a club, send an email to the listed email following the club description. 

Health + Wellness Committee

The Health & Wellness Committee is committed to promoting mental health awareness and holistic health from an equitable lens to serve the diverse needs of our student population by providing information, activities, and services to increase emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, and social well-being.


Organizer: Isabela Dier 
Advisor: Zeina Barakeh

Tower Radio

Tower Radio is dedicated to providing a platform for music, live events, streaming, interviews, and educational content broadcast to the community.


Organizer: Kyle Wilhite
Advisor: Christopher Paddock
Contact - [email protected] 

The Eye

The Eye functions as a printed vehicle for student expression. Established in 1973, The Eye is the Art Institute's longest-running student newspaper.  Note: we are looking for columnists!



Organizer: Mikayla Mays
Advisor: Dale Carrico

Film Society

The aim of the SFAI Film Society is to bring the community together around film and the cinematic arts. In addition to showing lesser known experimental and foreign film classics, the Film Society is a forum to showcase student works, explore the vibrant Bay Area film culture and receive hands-on training with equipment that will help one create their own masterpiece.


Organizer: Kyle Wilhite
Advisor: Orit Ben-Shitrit

Student-led Exhibition Spaces

There are currently three student-led and curated exhibitions spaces on campus. 

For more information, check Exhibition Spaces.

Student Government 

The Student Government represents all undergraduate and graduate students presently enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institute. Its principal function is to enrich the student experience at SFAI by generating, communicating, and representing the collective views of the student body.

All students are invited to engage in the bimonthly meetings and participate in the administrative aspects of SFAI through the formulation of recommendations to the Board of Trustees, administration, and faculty.