Academic Resources

SFAI is committed to providing transitional, academic, and personalized support that helps students thrive at school and beyond. The Academic Affairs Office fosters the holistic development of our students.


The Registrar's Office provides consultation and administrative support pertaining to curriculum, enrollment, degree programs, and transfer credit policies.


For more information, Visit Registration + Records.


Academic Advisors can meet with you to collaborate on a schedule of courses that is meaningful and that will ensure timely progress toward your degree. They can also assist you in the following:

  • Help students with the selection of courses, curricular requirements, and to develop an individualized course of study
  • Direct students to faculty with similar research and creative interests who would be particularly helpful in the development of the student’s creative work
  • Create a general plan of study for progress toward the degree

For more information, contact [email protected] 


The Tutors at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) can help with various aspects of your academic education, including:

  • Editing essays and other writing assignments.
  • Preparing presentations for online classes.
  • Working through difficult reading assignments.
  • Building better study skills, including note-taking and time management.
  • Editing artist statements, resumes, and other application materials.
  • Preparing application materials for residencies and other professional opportunities within the art world.
  • Adapting to online learning and staying motivated when classes aren’t meeting in person.


Students who would like to meet with a tutor can make an online appointment, submit papers for editing, or visit the Library during drop-in hours and meet with a tutor on a first-come, first-served basis. 

In addition to individualized support, SFAI has compiled Artist Resources that you can access from anywhere. 

For more information, visit the Student Portal or contact [email protected]


The Accessibility Services Office ensures that students with documented disabilities have equal access to the curriculum and school environment by providing a range of accommodations. Some of the most common accommodations include extra time for assignments, a quiet place for exams, and note-takers.

If you have had accommodations in the past, used a 504 plan, or believe that you might qualify for accommodations during your time at SFAI, the ASO can assist you in determining and arranging for these accommodations. The first step is filling out the ASO Registration Form.

Documentation guidelines and registration forms can be found on the Student Portal under Registration. Once completed, documents can be mailed, or hand-delivered to the Academic Affairs Office.


For more information, visit the Student Portal or contact [email protected]