Press Club Videos

Q and AEvangelical Manifesto Press Event
Watch this watershed event as four members of the Evangelical Manifesto steering committee articulate the message of the Manifesto.  May 7, 2008 34 Minutes.

Evangelical Manifesto Press Q & A
Watch now as the steering committee members of An Evangelical Manifesto field questions from members of the press. May 7, 2008 33 Minutes.

Interview Videos

Q and AOs Guinness Interview
OS Guinness, author and social critic explains in this brief interview the origin and reason for producing the Evangelical Manifesto.

Q and AJohn Huffman Interview
John Huffman believes name Evangelical needs to be restored to its proper definition as a person who believes in the fundamentals of the faith as first priority.

Q and ARich Mouw Interview
Rich Mouw describes the Evangelical Manifesto as a call for all who go by that name to maintain a central commitment to the saving, transformational gospel of Jesus Christ.

Q and ADavid Neff  Interview
David Neff explains rather than a statement of ideological or political posturing, the Evangelical Manifesto is a document reaffirming any societal engagement must be subservient to the gospel of Jesus Christ.